Where Hearts  Are Held ​​



       Families and life transitions can be difficult to navigate especially with divorce, blending families, and adolescents with challenging behavior. Not to mention aging parents and death all of which we cant avoid; compounded with financial, medical/ physical, educational, spiritual, relational, and identity decisions can be overwhelming to handle alone. 

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The Journey​

         I've too experienced various forms of life challenges and unexpected situations out of my control affecting my life, no one is above life tragedies!  I leaned on family and friends to help with struggling emotions and decisions. Sometimes they were supportive and other times they just didn't get it or judged me. Talking to a therapist  helped me with emotional discord, grief,  loss, and life transitions which we all go through when my family and friends were not able to make a connection has help me. 

No one is above help! Life Happens reach out...

We All Have Ups and Downs

 I'm here to build a partnered based relationship base on  trust and compassion. This will help you find the inner strength to battle, develop coping skills, face, and raise against life challenges that you have been ignoring or struggling with for some time. I am blessed to  know that I operate in my gift of helping those who reach out for help.

I'm down to earth, honest, and funny. Yes, I said funny, I incorporate and utilize my natural  gifts and talents and have the ability to make you smile and laugh when you are going through a difficult time in life. Adding some sunshine on a grey day.  Also, I have the  knowhow in challenging  your behavior, thoughts and feelings when its needed with a loving touch that allows you to gain insight and perspective from a positive shift.